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35th Anniversary

November 28, 2015, The Boudreaux family had the pleasure of celebrating 35 wonderful years proudly serving Baton Rouge's bussinesses and residents. Treasured clients and specials guests were invited to partake in this successful and elegant experience. Thank you Baton Rouge for the last 35 years, the family is excited to continue serving you for 35 more!




Seven Interactive Stations


Italian Paninis: Salami, ham, provolone cheese, basil pesto mayonnaise

Chicken Paninis: Cajun grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard, tomato, mayonnaise


Soup, Salad & Roasted Vegetables

Soups: Chocolate chili, Chestnut soup, and Gazpacho soup

Salad: Greek salad

Roasted Vegetables: Asparagus, artichokes, red & yellow bell peppers, parsnips with garlic aioli sauce



Meatballs: Lamb, beef or pork

Sauces: Tiki Masala, stroganoff, roasted red pepper relish, and burgundy salsa


Steak Diane

Steak Diane: Flamed and served with mushroom sauce

Butternut squash risotto



Mango & shrimp samosas

Scallop Brulee: with garlic aioli and red pepper relish

Pan-seared salmon: with orange Dijon sauce

Corn, crab & brie pudding


Carved Poultry

Carved smoked turkey: with cranberry orange sauce

Stuffed quail

Duck breast l'orange

Chicken apple sausage


Carved Meat

Lamb lollipops: with mint jelly

Grapes leaves: with Greek yogurt sauce

Garlic sage slow roasted venison: with vein rouge herb glaze

Basmati rice




Interactive Crepe Station

Crepe selection: Warm crepe and cream cheese filled crepe

Sauces: blueberries, cherries jubilee, raspberries, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and caramel sauce




Pecan pie balls

Triple fudge brownie

Amaretto whipped cream

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Chocolate dipped dried apricots

Chocolate chip bread pudding


Pick-up Desserts

Lemon tart

Almond tart

Three nut tart





Pine nut torte

Salami coronet

Garlic stuffed dates

Stuffed ham rolls

Fresh fruit: with honey lime dip and vanilla fruit dip

Cruidte': with creme fraiche dip

Pate foie gras

Oyster shooters

Smoked salmon: with cream cheese, capers, pimiento, dill pickle, egg green onion

Gouda stuffed shrimp

Shrimp cocktail

Crabmeat Louis: with toast points

Russian Caviar stuffed potatoes

Tomato bruschetta

White bean dip: with crostini


Gorgonzola: with bacon

Cheese ball: with green grapes

Sweet & spicy pecans

Cheese: St. Andre, Manchego, Maytag bleu cheese, Stilton

Asparagus and Prosciutto crepes: with creamy lemon chive sauce

Parmesan onion canapes

Lemon zest crostini: with walnuts, chevre, rosemary honey

Cherry jam & ricotta tart 



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